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We utilize a tiered WebPortal ticket entry process. For new users of the program (Tier 2) you will use the interface and it will be checked for accuracy and quality of information by an Alabama 811 staff member prior to dispatch to our members. Once your information has proven to be consistently within our guidelines you may be promoted to the next tier (Tier 3) which allows your requests to be transmitted directly to our member companies.

You can also automate your updated tickets as an added feature. Please contact Alabama 811 to have this optional feature activated for you.

The second is our Mobile Application. The Mobile App is available for smart phones at either the Apple App Store or Android App Stores.

Once you have registered to use either progam, your login information is the same for both.

The guidelines and requirements of the WebPortal and Mobile App programs are extremely important and firmly enforced. Alabama 811 holds the option to discontinue access to a user on an individual or a company basis if the approved excavator is not following the guidelines completely.

A pdf file of the WebPortal Remote Ticket Entry training manual is available for download:

  • No emergencies will be accepted via the Web Portal.
  • Only routine (two working day notice) locate requests may be entered as a Tier 2 Portal User. Requests at a Tier 2 level are reviewed by an Alabama 811 Call Center Agent prior to being dispatched to the members. There may be a delay in when these are dispatched based on the information noted on the requests and the queue pending to processed.
  • Tier 3 Portal Users may enter routine and short notice locate requests. Tier 3 Portal Users tickets are dispatched directly to the Alabama 811 member and are not reviewed by the Alabama 811 saff.
  • The two working day notice will begin once the tickets are entered and accepted by AL 811's computer system during routine business hours.
  • Portal Remote Ticket Entry is available 24 hours a day for locate requests to be entered except during hours of scheduled maintenance on the AL 811's computers. However, the two working day notice will begin at the start of the next working day. Please ensure any tickets entered after normal business hours have the proposed start date entered to accomodate the hours prior to the start of the next business day.
  • Once the locate requests is accepted, a locate request number will be assigned to the particular locate request and AL 811 members notified.
  • The Portal Remote Ticket Entry user is responsible for notifying all non-member utility companies not participating in AL 811's service.
  • Locate information provided must be exact and complete. This includes both the information listed on the ticket itself as well as the area marked on the mappping program which determines which memers are notified.
  • Portal Remote Ticket Entry users will assume complete liability for location information submitted via the Portal application.
  • Only the person assigned the user name and password should enter locate requests under that information. No one should enter requests under your user name. If someone else at your company should desire to enter locates via the Portal program, they will need to sign up for the program individually. Allowing someone to enter tickets under your user name can result in a suspended use of the service.
  • A locate request ticket is valid for ten (10) working days from the proposed date of excavation. A locate request ticket must be updated two working days prior to its expiration if the work has not been completed.


  • Approved Tier 3 Users must have a working knowledge of AL 811 and the basic information required for operation.
  • Approved users must have used AL 811 for obtaining underground facility locate requests via telephone for a period of time. This ensures the user has had the opportunity to gain the knowledge of what information is required to complete a locate request.
  • AL 811 must be able to ascertain that the potential user understands what information is needed to properly complete a locate requests and routinely provide sufficient information.
  • Approved users will be required to read maps and provide clear, distinct directional information.
  • Approved users will accept responsibility for all information that is provided on their Portal Remote Ticket Entry requests. AL 811 will not be held responsible for any information entered on the Portal request.
  • AL 811 may conduct random checks on all tickets received in Tier 3 of the Portal and may require the user to provide clarification of existing information or more information to complete the locate request.
  • AL 811 reserves the right to suspend any Portal Remote User's privilege anytime without notice to the user or its organization. The primary reason for suspension of Remote Entry privileges will be due to inaccurate or incomplete information, inaccurate ticket entry/mapping procdures, as well as unauthorized users accessing the Portal under their user login credentials.
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