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Alabama 811 is a communication network that provides free access for excavators, utility companies and the general public to call, as required in Alabama Act 94-487, to request a location be marked for underground lines. The Center is not for profit and is funded by the members who join to receive notice of future excavations. Membership costs are based on the number of locate requests a member receives and any applicable communication costs.

Reduces the risk of accidents from dig-ins.
Increases awareness of excavation activities.

Prevents the interruption of utility services.
Membership in Alabama 811 meets the damage prevention program requirements of Alabama Act 94-487 for underground facility owners.

Reduces the damages of underground facilities.
Saves time for the excavator, only one telephone call has to be placed and none of our member underground facility owners are overlooked.
Allows member companies to be cost efficient by using existing employees for responsibilities other than accepting locate requests directly.

Customer Service
All Alabama 811 Customer Service Representatives go through extensive training. They understand the importance of obtaining the required information for a locate request and ensuring the accuracy of all locate requests.

All locate requests are voice recorded.
Computer and voice tapes for locate requests are maintained in the Center for four years.

Alabama 811 has a generator power back up as well as other disaster recovery plans to alleviate equipment down time.
Alabama 811 has working agreements with power, telephone and long distance carrier to minimize loss of service and quick recovery response.

To request a new membership kit or additional information contact Tina Creel at 205.731.3200

Alabama 811 ::: 3104 Bates Lane ::: Fultondale, Alabama ::: 35068 ::: Administrative Phone - 205.731.3200 ::: Fax - 205.731.3249 ::: Locate Requests - 800.292.8525 ::: 811 ::: Birmingham Area - 252.4444