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NOTIFY Alabama 811

Proper Notification Procedures

To utilize AL 811 services and comply with Alabama Law excavators need to call Alabama 811 at least 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, prior to commencing work.

  • Contact Alabama 811 by calling 1-800-292-8525, or 252-4444 (Birmingham Area), or #DIG which is a free call with certain wireless providers. Approved users may notify AL 811's members through the remote ticket entry program.
  • Alabama 811's locate request agents will ask a series of questions. As required by law, all calls are recorded. In order to make calls as efficient as possible, please be prepared and have information available before calling the call center. Below is a brief explanation of each section found on the ticket.
  • You Will Then Be Given The Following Information:
    • Legal date and time to proceed witheExcavation
    • Expiration date
    • Renewal date if work extends past 14 calendar days
    • List of underground facility owners that will be notified
    • Locate Request Number
  • After the call is made, the information is dispatched to the member underground facility operators. The member underground facility owners are required to mark their facility by the legal due date and time.

Sections Of A Ticket

Caller's Telephone Number And FAX Number
Used to access information at a later time, access our computer database quickly and efficiently, and to contact the underground facility operators in an emergency situation. This number should be one where a company representative can be reached in case of any questions or problems.

Caller Name And Company Name
Helps maintain records and contacts of all locate requests.

Caller Or Caller's Company Mailing Address

Used to maintain AOC'S database for future contact and to notify excavators of information pertaining to Alabama 811.

Name Of The County And City Or Community Where The Work Will Take Place

The place/community name must be correct for the county provided.

Indicate Work Type
This is the type of work or excavation to be done. Member utility operators need to know the specific type of excavation to be done. They need more than just "digging", "landscaping", or "excavating" as a work type. Be specific and say whether you are "installing", "repairing", "planting trees", "planting flowers", "putting up a fence", "setting poles", "installing a telephone drop", "installing a gas line" and etc.
Indicate Whom The Work Is Being Done For
The identification for whom the work is being done for is another source where additional information about the project can be obtained. This can be the company making the notification, the general contractor, the property owner, utility and etc.

Location Of Excavation/Job Site

To ensure that all underground facility owners can find the job site of the locate request, the following information is required:

Address Or Street Name Of The Location Site

The best information that can be given to identify the work location is a complete street address. If a complete street address is not available, then give a street name, road name, US HWY number, or state road number and be prepared to provide driving directions.

Name Of The Nearest Intersecting Streets And If The Work Is Being Done At The Intersection

This will help to narrow down the notification area and help determine the proper underground facility owner to notify. It can also help determine the correct street if more than one street in the general area has the same name. The member utility operators who have provided service area coverage that is in the area of the job site are then sent notification for the marking of their underground facilities.

Name Of The Subdivision And Lot Number If Applicable

Also the name of the road the subdivision is off of and how far down that road from a nearest intersecting road, especially if it is a new subdivision to help determine the general area.

Identify The Specific Portion Of The Job Site That Needs To Marked

Utility operators who receive the notification need to know what area of the job site needs to be marked for the work to be done.

Good Examples That Are Very Specific To Identify A Job Site:

  • Mark from lot line to lot line in road right of way.
  • Locate entire width of lot along back property line.
  • Locate along right side of driveway from curb to house.
  • Locate the entire intersection of University Blvd. and 22nd Street.
  • Locate 500 ft. in all directions, will be boring under all roadways.
  • 203 Thomas Drive just off Graham Road in Twin Pines Subdivision.
  • Locate entire lot and both sides of the road.
  Indicate Any Additional Remarks Or Information The Facility Owners May Need To Be Aware Of

Indicate Field Contact If Different From Caller

If someone at the jobsite is better for the utilities to contact for questions than the person who called in the locate request.

Indicate If The Notification Is An Emergency

Alabama Act 94-487 defines an "emergency" as "an imminent danger to life, health, property or public services.

Indicate If Any Boring Or Blasting Will Be Used In The Excavation
Some member utility operators want to know if boring is going to be used in the excavation so that they can take extra precautions. If you are boring under a street, road, driveway or parking area you need to request that both the entering and exiting sides of the bore be located plus the area in between the entrance of the bore and the exit.

Indicate If You Will Be Working Near A Railroad
This is important because some of our member utility operators have fiber optic cable buried on a railroad right of way. These fiber optic cables are vital for data and communications. Owners of these facilities want to know when any type of excavation is taking place near a railroad.

White Lining Excavation Area

If the area to locate is hard to describe, then white lining can be used to show the utility operators the proposed excavation area. White lining is using white paint to show the proposed excavation area.

Indicate Date And Time To Start The Work
It is very important not to begin work prior to the legal start date and time. The legal start date and time is 48 hours or two working days after the notification is made. "Working Day" is a 24 hour period commencing from the time of receipt of the notification, excluding Saturday, Sunday and the nine holidays outlined in Alabama Act 94-487. The notification will be good for 14 calendar days. Be sure to RENEW your locate ticket two (2) days prior to its expiration date, if you will be working longer than 14 days from the original excavation start date. This will allow for another 48 hour notification period to have the lines re-marked prior to the expiration of the locate request.

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