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  • Conduct excavation or demolition activities so as to avoid damage to or minimize interference with existing underground facilities in and near the excavation or demolition area;
  • Employ detection equipment or non-invasive methods to determine the precise location of an operator's underground facilities when excavation is to be done within the area marked as the approximate location of the operator's underground facilities and maintain a clearance between any underground facility and the cutting edge or point of any mechanized equipment, taking into account the known limit of control of such cutting edge or point, as may be reasonable necessary to avoid damage to such facility; and;

Provide such support for underground facilities in and near the excavation or demolition area including during any backfilling operations as may be reasonably necessary for the protection of such facilities.
Many excavators mistakenly believe that Alabama 811 is responsible for the actual marking of the facilities. This is not the case. Alabama 811 takes the information from the excavator and relays it to the underground facility owner.

Facility owners are responsible for ensuring that their facilities are properly marked. When one underground facility owner indicates that there are no facilities in conflict with a specific excavation, the excavator must realize that this does not mean that Alabama 811l has cleared the site, nor does it mean that other facilities are not at that site.

Alabama 811 is currently a voluntary participation organization except for gas and master meter systems who are required to participate in Alabama 811 under federal guidelines. There are some underground facility owners that elect not to belong to Alabama 811. Excavators must make an effort to contact these independent facility owners directly before attempting their excavation.

Excavators should not begin excavation until all underground facilities have been marked.

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